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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Prices below are for therapeutic, integrated massage: ($1/minute):  A typical full-body session will include work on your back, arms, legs, feet, hands, head, neck, and shoulders.  Therapeutic, integrated massage includes various techniques with the intention to relax and relieve muscular tension.  Below are normal sessions, 45, 50, 75, and 120 minute session are available by request.

30 Minutes--$30

60 Minutes--$60

60 minutes, Pregnancy -- $60

90 Minutes--$90

Ionic Foot Soak, 30 minutes--$40, reduced to $30

Add ons:

Essential Oil--$5  You may bring your own Young Living Essential Oils

Energetic therapy--$15

Use of energy, such as, IET® and Reiki to get stubborn energy blocks to move out of the energy fields for a freer energetic flow and clearer energetic fields.

Psychic impression discussion--$20*

Brief discussion of any psychic impressions that appear during a massage session.*

Raindrop Technique®Bring your own oils--$90 per session.  Use of my oils (if in stock)--$110

Registered trademark of Young Living Essential Oils.  Specific essential oils are applied in a dropping technique and massaged into the tissue for an aromatic, balancing, clearing, and realigning session that leaves one feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Natural Face Lift Massage by Joy

Standalone session: $125

Package of 6 or more standalone sessions: $100/session ($600 minimum)

Extension to a 30 minute massage: $150

Extension to a 60 minute massage: $180

Extension to a 90 minute massage: $210

Results may appear visible after the first treatment.  To receive accumulative effects, six-one hour sessions at least once a week are recommended.

Integrative Energy Therapy®: (includes discussion and energetic session)

Use of acupressure and angelic healing to release stored patterns of tension within the various levels of the human energy fields and deeply suppressed feeling at a cellular level.  Flow of energy is promoted and use of intuition is used to read energy imbalances and release.  Hands are place on specific energy centers of the body, while the client remains fully clothed.  There may be times when the hands are above the body, rather than placed on the energy centers.

Quick tune up--$20

Re-calibrate and keep the energy flow moving.

60 minutes -- $70

90 minutes--$100

Remote session--$100


Soul Star Clearing--$10

Karmic energy clearing of the 8th chakra, which stores the book of our souls.  The soul’s mission is brought forward, as the client pays attention to the thoughts and images that is often experienced.


May be in person or remote, and is a Master Instructor technique to send a powerful burst of energy with healing symbols.  The powerburst supports additional healing when needed, can be sent to objects (cars, computers, etc.) and stays with the person or object as long as needed.

12-Strand DNA Alignment--$30

Master Instructor technique only.  Helps the client to get unstuck by aligning, clearing, and accelerating energy, by energetically use of powerful symbols.

Soul Mission, Energetic Vision Board, with Heart Net--$45

Cleansing of the soul star while the client visualizes element of their vision board within their minds eye, a link is established with the vision board and 8th chakra and drawn is into the client’s heart to facilitate a smoother path into reality for the that or something better for the highest good and highest healing for all concerned.


An ancient energetic healing technique used to stimulate the body’s own innate power to heal itself.  Hands can be placed over or on specific energy centers of the body, while the client remains fully clothed.


60 minutes--$70

Remote session--$90

90 Minutes--$100

Health Coaching:

$150 per month for six months, which includes two sessions per month during the six month program.  Reduced rates available when paying in full and/or signing up during consultation session.



Reiki: 1, 2, & Master

Integrative Energy Therapy® : Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Healing Angels of Energy, IET® Steps to Transformation, IET® for Kids, & IET® for Pets

My classes are limited up to 4 individuals per class and are priced at the lower end of the fair market price that is set by the Center of Being. 


Important notes:

*In accordance with NYS laws, these readings are considered to be for entertainment purposes.

Prices are subject to change without further notice.  Be sure to inquire about pricing at the time of booking or before a session begins is greatly encouraged.  Add on services and pricing may be discussed during a session.