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Welcome!  Massage is important to me, I feel that massage is essential to our health and wellbeing.  I became a Licensed Massage Therapist several years ago after two slips on ice, one with my car and one while walking on a sidewalk.  Massage therapy helped me while I was mending from these accidents.  After just one session I felt a significant difference in the tension in my body and mind.  This experience gave me the inspiration to help others get past physical pain from trauma and every day stress.  Additionally,  delivering the therapeutic massage that my clients ask to receive is fundamental to each and every massage.

Massage History for fun

For thousands of years, massage and forms of therapeutic tissue
manipulations have helped relieve the painful or tense areas of 
the body.  The term massage comes from the French word, masser.
Two physicians trained in Sweden, introduced massage therapy to the 
United States in the mid 19th century.

Today, massage is a beneficial therapy prescribed by physicians,
chiropractors, athletic and sports training institutions and professional
therapists as a form of pain management and stress reduction for patients.


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